Graduating from UDC (ucine) in 2009 where Rafael learned the basics of cinematography in both film and digital formats. During that same time, Rafael was working in one of the biggest Film production studios in Argentina as a Film Editor and later as the Color Grader where he had learned the post production for the new digital formats and their workflow to perfection.

Rafael is experienced in the realm of digital cinematography: Cameras, Color grade, Workflow, Production and postproduction and has shot in cooperation with various destinations such as Argentina, Brazil, Korea ,Germany, Russia .

Rafael is also an experienced producer. skilled in communicating, planning, booking and making possible the realization of any project, using his familiarity with many languages and cultures plus his practical knowledge of the necessities of each project, Rafael can be a key role in any production of any sort in the comercial or Film making industry.

Rafael is now currently living and working in Germany along with destination shootings and coproductions.

Rafael had shot as a director Various unique music videos and short films among others, discovering his own style in the art of film making . Producing, Filming and Editing them himself for maximum control over his image and product .

Film Exp: 8mm,16mm,S16mm,35 mm


Languages: English,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,German,Persian

“I am a passionate filmmaker, with practical experience in almost all aspects of the production. I have both artistic and aesthetic inclination, as well as practical producer skills.

As the person behind the camera lens, I always search for the perfection of an image. As a producer and director, I connect very well with people and actors, using my personal familiarity with many languages and cultures as well as my practical knowledge of the field . I can be a good team player, but I am not afraid to take on myself the whole responsibility for a project.

I am passionate to face new challenges and to take part in new and interesting projects in the film making industry” .